We are a global entity with an
italian soul and a nimble mind
Our history, a journey towards
success, step by step
  • 1940
    Getting started
    Gogliardo Olivi opens an ice cream shop in the centre of Reggio Emilia
  • 1958
    Getting stronger
    The artisan ice cream shop becomes a family-run industrial scale company
  • 1976
    Growing up
    Fabrizio Olivi joins the company and transforms it into Indian- Gelato d’Italia, a true food corporation specialised in third-party manufacturing
  • 1990
    Indian- Gelato d’Italia becomes an industry leader with major partnerships in Italy and abroad
  • 2017
    Reaching new horizons
    The Olivi family is joined by Idea Taste of Italy, an investment fund specialised in the food industry, and names Marco Pellegrino CEO
Ice Cream
We have managed to reconcile the efficiency and flexibility
of an artisan atelier with the highest industrial standards.
We have grown to become a choice partner for some of the
industry’s key players.
Keeping every client happy is the key to our success.
  • Quality means… Made in Italy
    Ice cream isn’t just any product.
    It stands for pleasure and self-gratification, it’s a celebration of flavour, and more so than anything else, it needs to taste great. This is why our ice cream is made from the best local ingredients.
  • Quality means… Bespoke
    We offer personalised consultations and take every client request into consideration, however big or small. The process starts with the very first meeting all the way to the final product delivery.
  • Quality means… Efficiency
    We offer an unparalleled partnership service with an immediate response capacity. How? By having found a way to reconcile the reactivity of an artisan atelier and the high quality, high quantity production methods of an industry leader.
Get in touch. Our ability to meet your demands
starts with your first request.